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Welcome to James Kelly, Thomas Ward and Joe Young

WelcomePosted by Emma Fri, July 17, 2009 07:27:30

James Kelly, Thomas Ward and Joe Young will be joining the Rose's Gift Cycle Challenge Team on the Irish leg of the tour. They have added their details to the Rose's Gift site - go here to find out more

Good luck on the cycle!!!

Alison - Roses mother

WelcomePosted by Alison Sat, January 10, 2009 17:15:16

Thank you for coming to look at Rose’s story. Please read it… it is what our fundraising is all about. There are a billion charities out there, all desperate for your help and all worthy of it, so what makes ours special? I want this to show you the effects of cancer and leukaemia on the patient but also on the family and how it alters your life for ever. So many people have tried to comfort me in the last 2 and a half years by saying, ‘Oh leukaemia has got a really great survival rate now though! Be positive!’ There is no denying that this is true, but what people who have not had first hand experience of this do not understand is the way your whole life explodes from the moment your child gets sick. Watching your child get sicker and weaker before your very eyes, dreading every blood test or bone marrow aspirate result for fear of what it might tell you, giving your child drugs that you know may cause heart, liver, kidney or joint problems, infertility, maybe death. Never knowing what lies around the corner and living in constant fear of the future, even when your child has finished treatment. Trying to keep some sort of balance in your family life, still being there for other children who desperately need you more than ever…we were blessed with wonderful family and will be eternally grateful to them, not everyone is so lucky. Meeting other families and other wonderful little children who fought for survival and kept smiling and laughing to the bitter end and then lost their battle anyway. It is so hard to move on and be strong when all your security has been snatched away, when all that you took for granted has gone. Please help us to make the journey easier. Yes statistics show that leukaemia survival rates are better than ever but please help us to make it even better. One day they hope to find a vaccine to completely eradicate this disease. Please look at these pages and think about the people behind the statistics and help us to fight this battle in the memory of all the children who didn’t quite win.

Rose's Gift Blog

WelcomePosted by Emma Fri, November 28, 2008 08:16:21

Hello - this is the blog for Rose's Gift. All the members of the challenge team will be updating the blog and letting you know how they're getting on with training. We'll also let you know how much money has been raised to date. It would be lovely to hear from you as well!Blog Image