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Half Way Bash Winners!!

Big ThanksPosted by Paul Collins Sun, August 09, 2009 20:30:11

Many thanks to all who helped in any way to make the Half Way Bash such a resounding

success, especially everyone who bought tickets, turned up on the night and all the

sponsors of our big wheel prizes and of course the Wellington Park Hotel. Over 2.5k was

raised on the night so the biggest winner was Roses Gift.

STARPLAN......£500 voucher Stephev Convery

ANTRIM FLOORING.......£400 voucher plus bedroom floor fit Stella McCorry

EARTH NIGHT CLUB......Night at Lifford Dogs for 6 Donna Riley

O'NEILLS SPORT SHOP ANDERSONSTOWN....£100 voucher Pauline Hutchinson

MOYOLA GOLF CLUB........4 Ball plus Fairway Wood Stephen Drysdale

BALMORAL HOTEL.........Meal for 2 plus wine Peter Price

WORLD TOURIST ATTRACTIONS.......VIP Tickets for Belfast Wheel Peter Price

ULSTER COLLEGES........... Two All-Ireland Hurling Tickets Mickey Kelly

SEAN LACEY......................Two All Ireland Football Tickets Joseph Maher

JOHN DEVLIN..........5 Personal Training Sessions David Price

BELFAST CASTLE.......Meal for 2 Stella McCorry


Land's End -John O'Groats..DONE!

Big ThanksPosted by Andrew McManus Sat, August 01, 2009 20:35:36

The Rose's Gift Team completed their long, arduous & eventful journey on schedule on Thursday 30th July....!! We rolled into John O'Groats and were greeted by a warm hero's welcome by being soaked in champagne. Nothin' like a dosing in champagne to take away the pain of a sore bottom...!

A Full Blog entry charting the final day's events will be added soon by our captain Eoin. But in the meantime here's a picture of us looking all victorious & proud of ourselves.... and why not.

"Have you got any sandwiches on you?

Big ThanksPosted by Nora Church Sun, July 26, 2009 17:21:13

The Halfway Bash was a great success with a great turn out so many thanks to all of you for coming out to support Rosesgift. MC Paul C did a great job with the raffles helped by a formidably fast team of ticket selling girls and Tara who was the chief spinner of the rickety wheel and despite cutting her finger on it bravely came back to spin again!

The cyclists even let their hair down despite another tough day ahead today although after days of consuming over 7000 calories for some of them it was a bit tough getting through the evening without some power bars or protein shakes every half hour. Jim and I bumped into Neil Gallagher on the way out and I think he was must have been either tired or emotional as he seemed to think we were sandwiches!

Day 6 - Erin Go Bragh

Big ThanksPosted by Paul Kelly Fri, July 24, 2009 22:46:53

Two countries down and two to go, we began the first of the two Irish hundred milers today – Wexford to Dublin. Stocked up well on the "famine soup" from the night before, everyone was champing at the bit to get going and get this perceived tough ride out of the way. Consequently, the peleton got of to a “flyer” much to the disgruntled Paul Collins who was complaining as usual about the lack of respect we were paying to his age (52 is hardly old Paul), or his saddle sores. Perfect weather conditions, combined with careful route planning (thanks Jim), saw us get through the first 28 miles in an 1 ½ hours, which is considerably quicker than I expected.

Showing no respect for the roads that lay ahead, everything was running well ahead of plan. That is until James Kelly went clean over the handlebars and into the ditch keeping everyone back for half an hour. With no consideration for anyone apart from himself he made us wait while Jim bandaged up his two badly bruised and grazed legs, and Eoin attempted to fix his bike (to no avail). True to form, James jumped on posh Tom’s winter bike and knocked out the rest of the 100 miles – true Ballinascreen man!

With everyone now back on the bikes and going again, the pace again picked up and it wasn’t long before we arrived in Rathnew to a delicious banquet prepared by Nora Kelly (Eoin’s Sister).

Fed and watered we hit the road again, and after Rathnew there were to be no more planned stops …….N11 the whole way to Dublin. Thankfully, with the exception of a couple of puntures and Sean "Geeza" Lacey taking the time to change his shirt and flex at a group of local pensioners, that’s exactly what happened. Entering Dublin was as much a chaotic as it was an interesting experience, as Paul C stuck on his bord failte hat and badge and gave everyone a guided tour of all the major sites, capped with a visit to the GPO where we stopped for a photo…… albeit without a tricolor, much to his dismay. (Photo to follow)

Anyway, after a bit of too’ing and fro’ing and a few wrong turns we eventually made it to Bewleys where we quickly dumped the bikes, and got showered before heading down for dinner.

After dinner everyone went for a massage, as my cousin Anne McCloskey and her mate Ruth came up to offer they expert Physio services. Basically, the idea was to get any knots etc rubbed out of out aching calves, and to help anyone with sore knees. Paul Abrahams however had other ideas. Before the girls knew it he had his shirt whipped off and was on the treatment bench asking them to take a look at his lateral peridormis (answers on a postcard please if you know what it is) at the base of his back!!!

Anyway, to anyone who can make it I’d like to re-extend our invite to meet us at the Wellington Park Hotel tomorrow evening from 8pm for “The Halfway Bash”, it promises to be a good night with some fantastic prizes on offer.

p.s. Thanks to Uncle Seamus, Danny McAuley and Nora for all their help today

Team Ireland...Ready to Rumble.

Big ThanksPosted by Andrew McManus Thu, July 16, 2009 19:59:18

This week Rose's Gift had a great feature in the Ulster Gazette, my local Armagh paper. It was a busy week in Armagh with it being the 12th of July and all... but we were somehow able to squeeze ourselves in amonsgt the pages & pages of sash wearing Orangemen marching, playing pipes & beatin' big drums etc.

We had a good photo-shoot all kitted up like a bunch of pros in the Cycleology shop with our sponsor, proprietor Alistair Robinsor and staff member Andrew Graham.

Picture: Jim Church, Paul Collins, Alistair Robinson (Cycleology proprietor), Andrew Graham (Cycleology), me & Paul Kelly.

Cycleology are kindly sponoring us with bike parts/spares and energy gels/bars/drinks etc. He has also serviced our bikes for free throughout the duration of our training.

The Rose's Gift Team would like to give a big thanks to Alistair for all his support & assistance towards our cause. It's greatly appreciated...!

Read the Ulster Gazette article here:

And visit Cycleology here:

Lavender Health Spa.

Big ThanksPosted by Andrew McManus Thu, July 16, 2009 12:05:05

Big thanks to Sports masseuse Emmett O'Neill, Lavender Health Spa manager Helene O'Neill for their great offer to the Irish members of the Rose's Gift team.

The offer included a free 45 minute sports massage from Emmett and full use of the spa pool area.
Yesterday myself and Paul Collins made use of this offer and got much needed massages to help mend our ailing bodies before the big event.

We were informed by staff member Maggie that business is great these days, especially with Hen Parties. Apparently they tend to take a few bottles of champagne into the jacuzzi/pool area. Pity Paul & I didn't know this beforehand or else a few cans of Carlsberg would've been brought along.

The spa is a fantastic facility near Ballygawley and was the 1st building I designed as an practising architect at MMH architects (so of course it's cool).

To find out more about the Lavender Health Spa please visit:

Emmett outside the Lavender Health Spa.

Sacred Heart, New Malden

Big ThanksPosted by Alison Tue, July 14, 2009 18:07:33
A massive massive thank you to Tara's school Sacred Heart, New Malden. We held a sponsored shoot and score challenge, led by Michael Branch of target Sports (who gave up a whole day for free organising sporting events and then helped us blow up and 'transport' almost 500 helium balloons for beautiful balloon release where we offered up a prayer for all the sick children). The children raised an incredible....£6,134.00!!!!


Holy Trinity School

Big ThanksPosted by Alison Tue, July 14, 2009 18:05:27

A thank you to Holy Trinity School (where I used to work) nursery and reception who worked extremely hard to raise a fantastic £1,000!


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