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Rose's Gift

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Land's End - The Start of the Real Thing

FundraisingPosted by Eoin Mon, July 20, 2009 23:01:38

We’re off. Well all the months of planning and preparation have finally kicked in. Everything which just about could have gone wrong in getting to Lands end did. Car break downs, bumps and accidents not to mention getting in at 4;50am for a 7;30 rise to ride a tough hundred miles with steep repeated hills in Cornwall. When we were planning this we imagined nice summer weather with gentle SW winds and true to Roses gift form we had a day of pissing rain and gale force winds instead. We were staying in the YMCA which was a new experience of most of us Paul Collins had his false moustache but didn’t wear it because some big lad in the lounge kept winking at him. We got up and managed to get down to Lands End without crashing and then hogged the sign for long enough to hoist the Tricolour and a trombone fanfare waved us off. Day one was a day of getting used to riding together as a big group - this was a bit weird as everyone was a bit excited and wanted to push on so we had a few break aways. Neil G was particularly unimpressed with riding in a group as he shows cycling no respect. As one part of the 50K Colchester duo, we need to pay homage to a man capable of keeping up with us on his mahogany bike. Stephen took off like a whippet after a wasp stung him in the brain. We had a lot of people beeping horns at us as they passed and those of use from London responded for the first hour by giving the finger. Then we realised people where just being friendly and wishing us good luck as the van displayed our charitable efforts so we waved from then on. We got in a fast rhythm and spent most of the rest of the day arguing about who has the best way of riding. We tried every technique but with 10 headstrong ignorant heads it was more like carry on cycling than the Tour de France. All that aside we punched out 100 Miles in just under 5 Hours with only 2 notable stops. Julia set the standard for support by her seamless pit stop and she really helped us on this tough day. John provided support and security on the big fast roads and we all made it with plenty to spare. The second stop was more of a surprise as Neil called his Da in for logistical support as he needed a dump on the A30 lay-by. Good day and ready for an easier day tomorrow. Hopefully!!