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Day 4 - Cardiff to Carmathen

FundraisingPosted by Tom Lees Wed, July 22, 2009 23:02:18
The day starts with the lads tuning in to the weather forecast - you can hear the groans down the hotel corridor. The rain is following us up through Wales and beyond whilst the toe of England at Land's End is now bathed in sunshine. Still, the day started well with a full english/irish breakfast at the Cardiff Hilton and then the morning clean and tune up of the bikes, when we make sure that all is in good working order (like the chains etc). We had a route planned that would take in a climb up the Bwlch which some of us visited on the Dragon ride. That also took in some of the small Welsh villages nick-named Pyjamarama, where the residents heckle us on the way to the bookies at midday still in their pyjama bottoms. We stopped and asked a bloke the way to Neath where we would be stopping for lunch. He asked us what bike ride we were doing and when we told him it was the Land's End to John O Groats, he replied "Well I think you are lost boys aren't you" (insert Welsh accent here). 

After Neath we formed the chain gang again (so-called because every 10 minutes  Andrew 'The Chain' McManus's chain comes off) and I think we would have to grudgingly admit that it did work (sometimes) as we flew along for a few miles.

Oh, and Neil (our perpetual inside left, no.2) has taken over the mantle of our "Capt. Furious". Whose turn will it be tomorrow?

(photo: Top of Bwlch - raining, obviously. I think something weird must have happened in the perspective of this photo - look at Sean and Stephen on the right!)


Tough day today. Off on the ferry to Rosslare tomorrow so we'll start the day with the shipping forecast.