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Day five..Carmarthern to Wexford

TrainingPosted by Paul Collins Fri, July 24, 2009 21:05:43

Day five followed on from day four....tuff!! Lashin rain, big hills and many miles, so much for Eoin's regular pre match talk" easy 60 or so lads today, big downhills...." The only thing he got right was the downhil into Fishguard..1 mile!

We got off to a great start with a 5 star breakfast thanks to Olivine and Kevin, followed by our now customary hill start and lashin rain. We was joined in the middle of the night by a new member of the sauf london crew,young Sean"lock up your daughters" Lacy.

Sean had an eventful first day with the pelaton, he cracked his head off the ceiling on the first night trying to get into the top bunk, shud have had his helmet on anyway, and then on the ferry crossin to Rosslare dropped his phone overboard!!

We hit the road still tryin to move after the feast and covered our normal 5 mile before we had a p stop, the pelaton got movin like a well oiled machine, unlike Andrew's chain, which must have came off at least 6 times. fell off! Andrew has now officially been christened Mike, half man half bike, he has yet to experience any pain, not too hot on the sleepin arrangements( will explain later) but shit hot on a bike.

We arrived in Fishguard to met by more food from Rachel and Rodger and to be waved off by Olivine and Kevin...surely we cant still be eating!!

The crossin was grand except that Paul Kelly decided it wud be a good idea to introduce the lads to poker and subsequently fleeced us all.

The landing in Rosslare resembled a scene from the Key Stone Cops, bikes one way, support cars another and Neil " I hate cyclin"Gallagher and Paul Abrahams still in the bogs. Jim and Norah's re uniting wud bring tears to ur eyes, think Heathcliff!

We were joined by four new riders, Joe Young, Tommy Ward, James Kelly and Niall. Now this cycle is tuff enough but James and Joe decided to do it on their kids BMX'S..NOT GUD!

We made great time into Wexford, found the digs and headed out for some pasta. Wat followed cud only be described as gruel,it was so gud that Lacy and Paul Abhs went for two curries chips!!

Finally got the head down about 11, in our room we had 4 bunk beds between 4 of us, naturally all claimed one each, the lower deck of the Hogan was the bed of choice for 3 of us, but Mike decided to head up into the upper Cusack, normally reserved for last man in and really handy in the middle of the nite, more brains in a false face!!

Tomorrow Dublin, then home for a nite, ill really miss Paul" i dont f******* snore lad" Kelly!!