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Day 6 - Erin Go Bragh

Big ThanksPosted by Paul Kelly Fri, July 24, 2009 22:46:53

Two countries down and two to go, we began the first of the two Irish hundred milers today – Wexford to Dublin. Stocked up well on the "famine soup" from the night before, everyone was champing at the bit to get going and get this perceived tough ride out of the way. Consequently, the peleton got of to a “flyer” much to the disgruntled Paul Collins who was complaining as usual about the lack of respect we were paying to his age (52 is hardly old Paul), or his saddle sores. Perfect weather conditions, combined with careful route planning (thanks Jim), saw us get through the first 28 miles in an 1 ½ hours, which is considerably quicker than I expected.

Showing no respect for the roads that lay ahead, everything was running well ahead of plan. That is until James Kelly went clean over the handlebars and into the ditch keeping everyone back for half an hour. With no consideration for anyone apart from himself he made us wait while Jim bandaged up his two badly bruised and grazed legs, and Eoin attempted to fix his bike (to no avail). True to form, James jumped on posh Tom’s winter bike and knocked out the rest of the 100 miles – true Ballinascreen man!

With everyone now back on the bikes and going again, the pace again picked up and it wasn’t long before we arrived in Rathnew to a delicious banquet prepared by Nora Kelly (Eoin’s Sister).

Fed and watered we hit the road again, and after Rathnew there were to be no more planned stops …….N11 the whole way to Dublin. Thankfully, with the exception of a couple of puntures and Sean "Geeza" Lacey taking the time to change his shirt and flex at a group of local pensioners, that’s exactly what happened. Entering Dublin was as much a chaotic as it was an interesting experience, as Paul C stuck on his bord failte hat and badge and gave everyone a guided tour of all the major sites, capped with a visit to the GPO where we stopped for a photo…… albeit without a tricolor, much to his dismay. (Photo to follow)

Anyway, after a bit of too’ing and fro’ing and a few wrong turns we eventually made it to Bewleys where we quickly dumped the bikes, and got showered before heading down for dinner.

After dinner everyone went for a massage, as my cousin Anne McCloskey and her mate Ruth came up to offer they expert Physio services. Basically, the idea was to get any knots etc rubbed out of out aching calves, and to help anyone with sore knees. Paul Abrahams however had other ideas. Before the girls knew it he had his shirt whipped off and was on the treatment bench asking them to take a look at his lateral peridormis (answers on a postcard please if you know what it is) at the base of his back!!!

Anyway, to anyone who can make it I’d like to re-extend our invite to meet us at the Wellington Park Hotel tomorrow evening from 8pm for “The Halfway Bash”, it promises to be a good night with some fantastic prizes on offer.

p.s. Thanks to Uncle Seamus, Danny McAuley and Nora for all their help today