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Day 7 - Party time!

TrainingPosted by Jim Church Sun, July 26, 2009 09:36:38

Todays leg saw us moving up from Dublin to Belfast.

Finally the sun was out so with warm sunshine on our backs we set off again.

The machine was all business today and the whole ride went very smoothly. First stop was in Drogheda where we paid our respects to Oliver Plunkett. The sassenachs amongst us were all naive to this saint so finally some culture arrived to the unruly mob.

We then made our way over the hill to Newry and thanks to the new road we flew over. Lunch was supplied again by Nora Church (note that this Nora is the same as yesterdays Nora but this time she was Jim's wife)! We were all happily tucking into the food when suddenly Thomas noted that Niall was missing. Eventually after a phone call it became apparent that he had overshot us and was pedalling as fast as he could to catch up with the group! After lunch we caught up with Niall who now had to pedal and eat lunch at the same time. No mean feat considering the group could feel Belfast was close at hand and was putting down the hammer.

Michael O'Kane was waiting on his BMX at Lisburn to guide us on the final leg into Wellington Park Hotel. Secretly I suspect he was after the glory finish judging by the fact he was pulling a wheelie at the front as we arrived!

The welcoming commitee cheered as we arrived and really livened up the mood. Thanks for that!

The halfway bash kicked off later and was a fantastic success! We raised over £2000 and everyone had a great time. Special thanks are due to those that donated the prizes and the excellent band who stepped in at short notice. Big up to OCB - The Orchard County Blues Band!

Some of the cyclists let their hair down so we'll see how the next leg goes...