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Glen Coe Massacred

TrainingPosted by Eoin Wed, July 29, 2009 22:39:48
We enjoyed the experience of staying in Loch Lomond hostel which is basically a castle and were treated to a Paul Abrahams Breakfast. It was nice and sunny so we waited, farted around with our bikes until it was wet enough to set off.

We managed to stop 15 times before we got to the end of the loch. One of those stops involved Stephen pretending he needed to change a tyre but he was seen hoekin for recovery drinks in the van. At one point we stopped where some Australians had littered the site of outstanding beauty with their barbie stuff. We peed into the loch and set off. At the end of the Loch we started our climb up through the Trussochs and into the Highlands.

Head down arse up, no time for jokes, snots running down our faces and up the hill. Is it a man is it a bike no its a MIKE Andrew the Machine raced up the Black mountain pass like it was a speed bump the rest of us snorted farted and gasped our way up. It does have to be said that the scenery up in this route is breathtaking. We stopped at the Kings House hotel not long after Neil had some road kill flicked up into his face by the bikes ahead. Katie (trombones wife) rolled in driving passed with black smoke blowing out the exhaust. Again the Roses gift team where rescued by the AA our 3rd emergency service called to help again. The dramatic landscapes made this closer to lands end to John O Groats in 1000 photos. At least captain Fuy (stephen) managed to take the photos while he cycled, Collins wanted to stop and take a picture of every road sign just to prove he was there. Maureen his wife cant wait to see those special snaps I would bet my mortgage those will remain as thumbnails for ever. After 90 miles through the highlands it was lashing down as per usual when we rolled into Fort William to our hostel. The town itself is a bit like a Cookstown or Magherafelt in the 1970s before it was bombed. It has a charm although its not very easy to define it. Sean tried when he treated Kelly (His wife and our support team member) to a slap up meal in the Osin Hotel or the Os n hotel as the sign outside read. I went in to see them but found it difficult to walk across the floor my shoes came off when they stuck to the gunk on the floor. They finished their deep fried Fray Bentos and met us for a pint after. Neil and Paul the colchester duo had 2 pints for recovery purposes in the ben Nevis and frightened some Welshman on his holidays into donating £10. He did give it to Joe as he looked more responsible. I don't want to be harsh because the scenery in this part of the world is unique and stunning it is impossible not to be invigorated on the descent through Glen Coe. Each leg of this trip the experience just seems to get better and better and after the ride I will come back through here with the family to spend some time in this area. This country gets better and better so we look forward to our spin through the great Glen tomorrow on the banks for Loch Ness. Next stop Invergordon.

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