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Rose's Gift

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Blood,sweat and rashes....!!!

TrainingPosted by Paul Collins Mon, August 03, 2009 17:53:55
After all the blood ,sweat and rashes of the last 7 months the pelaton finally rolled into John O' Groats, mission accomplished!! Exactly how this was achieved by this motely crew I'm still not quite sure, but we were welcomed like home coming heros by the WAGS and siblings and the overall feelin was one of relief!! Champagne flowed along with a few tears, hugs were exchanged and promises to never set foot on a bike again were solemony sworn.
How it was achieved I'm not so sure,why it was achieved, is easy.
Over the 12 days egos came and went and came back again, only to be banished by collective piss takin, thick skins were quickly acquired in spite of the copious amounts of sudo cream.

Everyone contributed in their own unique way to make this a trip of a life time.
Thanks to Jim we can spot Rose bay willow herb from 100 yards and are able to distinquish the call of the Osyster catcher from the Yellow Hammer(not a social disease!!)

Andrew has taught us that cheatin doesnt pay and has commenced community service, Neil's love of cycling was as infectious as swine flu and continued to be a strong motivational factor thru out!

Steve has promised to undertake an anger management course and has given an assurance that from here on will always share his fig rolls.
Sean"the map" Roberts has since been headhunted by TomTom, while Paul Abhs has been approached by Calvin Klein, not to model, Calvin just liked the cut of him!!

Eoin has decided to go back to pig farming in Draperstown and Posh Tom is workin as a huds man on a building site in Brixton,while Paul Kelly couldnt resist the bright lights and has returned to his day job as bingo caller(see above!!).

All in all a fantastic experience and one I was delighted to have played a small part in. Thanks to all who fed us, massaged us and drove the cars and van and to everyone who has supported us all the way.

My bike is now on E bay as I have officially retired from cycling!!

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Posted by Alison Fri, August 07, 2009 20:37:33

You were a 'team favourite' according to all the lads..always easy and doing this for all the right reasons. thank you so much for all your efforts...and Il ike the way you called us WAGS, rather than, by that point the more appropriate...HAGS!!

Posted by Terri Nicholson Giacalone Tue, August 04, 2009 04:15:46

Great job, team! How about a trek around the USA? Welcome home!!!